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In 1992 KULKONI Import + Export GmbH had been founded as a daughter company of Kulenkampff &Konitzky, which was the predecessor and established 1884 as wool trading company. Bremen offered until the end of 19th century very advantageous conditions for merchants and traders as customs had not been demanded. In the process of development during the next 100 years various export business activities had started, like medical equipment, photocopy machines, tools and furniture to overseas territories in South America, Africa, Middle and Far East as well as import activities were executed e.g. the import of carpets and cast iron parts for the automotive industry to Europe.

In 1997 KULKONI Import + Export GmbH signed the importer contracts for the brands Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi for the territory of Libya as sole and exclusive importers. In 1998 the cooperation with the Muttawa family started. Since more than 20 years we are present in the market even under difficult and challenging conditions.



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